Thursday, April 1, 2010

The beginning of something wonderful

Well, here we go.

On march 29th, 2010 I passed the FSOA along with 7 others, 4 of whom I had studied with.  It was a very difficult test, and while I won't go into specifics about questions (due to the strict NDA), I will happily recommend study resources to anyone who would like them; just ask.

With that, I begin another equally lengthy but less publicized process - waiting for clearances and hoping to quickly be shuffled off the register and called for the A-100 class in DC, where I'm still visiting, and where I very much look forward to spending some quality time.

So buckle up, reader.  We've a long ways to go and an as-yet unknown amount of time to get there. 


weathersby said...

Congrats on the OA.

The latest batch of Front Range FSO wanabees is getting together to start prepping for the trip D.C. Hope the clearances go fast for you.


Anonymous said...

What study resources did you find most helpful?

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